Ultrasonic Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller

$39.90 $19.95

Ultrasonic Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller

$39.90 $19.95

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The ultimate ultrasonic rodent repeller for your yard and garden!

Starting a garden has its corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Advantages because it gives a fresh and cool atmosphere at home for you and your family. On the other hand, disadvantages because it is a great way to draw pests to your yard or garden; from mice and rats attracted to food plants, to grasshoppers digging your roots, to mosquitoes growing in any standing water nearby. Keeping those unwanted insects and rodents are difficult to figure out. Fortunately, Ultrasonic Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller is uniquely created to fight those.

Ultrasonic Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic pest repellers are devices that emit high sound frequencies, within a range of 20,000 Hertz. Electronic pest repeller is this high sound frequency that prevents pests from coming anywhere close to the repeller. And if you are looking for the best ultrasonic pest repeller that can effectively shoo away those unwanted pests, this ultrasonic rodent repeller is your best garden companion. This electronic pest repeller made of durable ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum solar power for a durable and long-lasting effect. An ultrasonic pest repeller likewise emits two-second sound waves every thirty seconds. This noise is annoying to pests and causes them to stay away.

This ultrasonic mouse repellent is best in keeping an array of pests such as mice and alike. Be confident in using this electronic pest repeller of it is completely easy to use and safe with no harmful toxins and chemicals secretes. An ultrasonic pest repeller that does not affect people, animals, and even your beloved pets. This ultrasonic rat repellent comes with a solar charging nickel-cadmium battery, therefore it does not require the use of electricity so you can save time, money, and effort. 


  • Safe to Use: No harmful toxins and chemicals which keep your family and pets healthy and safe.
  • Solar Charging feature: It still works without the use of electricity.
  • Durable: Made of high-end ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum materials.


  • Model No.: JJ57348
  • Solar panels: 4.3V, 20mAh
  • Battery: 1V, 250mAh rechargeable battery
  • Frequency: 400-1000 (HZ)


1 x Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Solar Outdoor Pest Repeller

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